Moving Tips for Companies and Local Businesses

A new location is a burden

Moving to a new location, regardless if it’s a couple of blocks down the street, to another city, or worse, another continent, can be counterproductive. We’ve all heard the saying that the grass is greener on the other side. Apparently, the author of the quote did not realize how hard it was to get to the greener side. This is why a lot of businesses move to a new location; they think it’s the GREENER side. Most of the time, when businesses are in the process of moving, their operations stop and they become unproductive; they are unable to make sales until they move and settle down in their new office space.

Stay productive

It can be difficult to stay productive when you’re moving, but it can be done. You can still get your business running or you can cut the time it takes to move to another location by half or more. Here’s how you stay productive:

1.)    Plan ahead – A friend of mine made the mistake of planning a week before the move just because she was moving to a new building located 10 minutes away from her old office. The result? It took her more than a week to get settled down because everything was a mess. When you’re planning your move, be sure to do it like a month or two prior to the date. This will help you sort out your affairs and plan how you want to move.  Planning ahead will also let you get a vision of how you want your new office to look like; where to put the cubicles, where to put the guest lounge, etc.

2.)    Expect the unexpected – The unexpected will always happen, even when you’ve planned ahead; your moving truck gets a flat tire, your new office’s electrical wiring is faulty, or you forgot a file cabinet in your old office. Delays are also inevitable; for example, moving companies that you hired won’t be able to accommodate you on the schedule that you first agreed upon because of technical difficulties.

3.)    Time to upgrade – When you’re moving to a new spot, you will be throwing away most of your old stuff, and this is the perfect time to get an upgrade. Still working with old CRT monitors? Donate them to charity or to a recycling centre and purchase new flat screen LCDs for your office.

4.)    Notify clients and customers – When you’re moving, you will be facing down time; ranging from a couple of days to a week at most. Down times are inevitable and normal when you’re moving, so be sure to notify your existing clients and customers about your move beforehand. That way, they won’t think that you ditched them.

Moving to a new business location is like going over to the greener pastures, but you need to do some serious work if you want to avoid or minimize moving problems.

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Business Insurance – Protect your Workers

There are different kinds of insurance policies that would help protect your employees while they are working. One very common type of insurance policy involves compensation. Whenever an employee loses his limb or life in your workplace, he gets compensated. If he does lose his life, his family is protected by the insurance policy. This will also help business owners like you avoid being sued over, as the insurance policy is more than enough to bail you out of the legal problems, unless they have strong grounds. This insurance policy is common amongst factory workers and construction workers.

Business owners can take up different kinds of insurance that would cover health. One good example is an insurance that would cover an employee’s dental health. Some businesses offer dental as part of their compensation package for their employees. A dental insurance would allow employees to get free treatment, or at least have their treatment fees reduced, when they suffer from fractured or broken the workplace They can also take advantage of this coverage when they are at home.

Another type of health insurance involves giving your employees access to medical treatments for a minimal fee, or if not, free with the help of accredited hospitals and clinics. This is a policy that’s usually tied in with your company that allows you to give employees a clean bill of health. This also covers dental treatments too.

Ask your insurance policy providers

Business owners can always ask their local insurance policy providers when it comes to getting their employees covered. Some insurance companies offer great compensation packages for business owners that would cover their employees for a minimal fee. If you cannot get a package for your employees, the best that you can do for them is to find an insurance company for them and have them apply one by one. Then the payment of the premiums will then be linked to their payroll, so it automatically gets deducted. That way, business owners and employees are both proactive in protecting themselves.

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